Our Story

About Lloyd Robinson   


Lloyd Robinson grew up with the desire to create a sophisticated, elegant and ethical alternative to fur clothing fashion. Observing that his fellow revelers and contemporaries were making more conscious style decisions, Lloyd set out to create a line of garments that would boast all the glamor and warmth of the original, while remaining to the standards of cruelty free.

 He felt that what could be found on the high street was good but wasn’t quite right. He converted his burning desire and passion in creating designs. He started sketching elegant clothing designs for himself for almost 20 years. His striking and ornate appearance has made him one of the most recognizable faces on the city of Birmingham's nightlife scene.

He set up his own clothing brand named “Lloyd Robinson Clothing Ltd” and launched it in November, 2020. Because of his bold and impeccable fashion style, which includes fur coats and double-breasted suits, he became a local celebrity on Birmingham’s Broad Street.

In fact, revelers regularly stop him for photographs, and he has even earned the nickname ‘Best Dressed Man on Broad Street’.


Lloyd Robinson Clothing Ltd. mission is to be a leader in the couture wholesale, retail sector and elites by offering customers unique and stylish men and women’s clothing with affordable prices and top‐notch customer service and benefits.



The vision of the company is to provide satisfaction to the customers. To be the most sought-after provider of personalized quality faux fur clothing in the country.